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You are here: Home » Products » Energy Meters » MID Approved Meter » EM415-Mod 10(100)A MID approved lcd display single phase din rail mounted modbus kwh meter
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EM415-Mod 10(100)A MID approved lcd display single phase din rail mounted modbus kwh meter

Single phase meter
din rail mounted meter
modbus kwh meter
lcd display meter
MID approved

  • EM415-Mod
  • Fineco
  • EM415-Mod

                    EM415-Mod 10(100)A lcd display single phase din rail mounted kwh meter

Main Functions and features:



Pulse output function

Smart meter is equipped with a pulse output which is fully separated from the inside circuit. 

Reading the meter

The smart energy meter is equipped with 6+1 LCD display, which is used as recording consumption and can’t be reset to zero. The number system is based on units of 10. And unit is kWh. 

Communication Function
  Meter have modbus COM.

Programming Function

By the button on the nameplate ,the meter can be set modbus id, baud rate and password

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Voltage(v) 220/230V
Operational voltage 70%-130%Un
- Iref 10A
-Itr 1A
-Imax 100A
-Imin 0.5A
-Ist 40mA
Power consumption of current circuits(VA) < 0.01
Power consumption of voltage circuits(W) < 1.3W
General data
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Memory back-up EEprom
Environment resistance to heat and fire Terminal 960
Cover 650
upper ABS+PC
lower ABS+PC
Pulse output
Pulse width(ms) 80
Pulse constant(imp/kWh) 1600
LED constant 1600
Width (mm) 72
Height (mm) 104.5
Depth (mm) 60

 wiring diagram

    1/2                Phase in & out
   3/4                Neutral
   5&6&7           A /B/SGND Communication contact
   11 &12          Test pulse output contact(12-,11+)



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