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You are here: Home » Products » Energy Meters » Din Rail Meter » 7 modular(126mm) » EM737 10(100)A MID approved directed connected energy meter 3 phase 4 wire meter modbus electricity meter kwh meter din rail mounted meter
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EM737 10(100)A MID approved directed connected energy meter 3 phase 4 wire meter modbus electricity meter kwh meter din rail mounted meter

Mid approved meter
Directed connect type
Three phase four wire energy meter
TOU modbus meter
Demand kwh meter

  • EM737 10(100)A
  • Fineco
  • EM737 10(100)A

          EM737 10(100)A MID approved directed connected energy mete
                      3 phase 4 wire meter modbus electricity meter
                                   kwh meter din rail mounted meter


Main Functions and features:




Measuring function:

On the EM737’S front panel, there are three LED, active/reactive energy pulse light, and alarm indicator lights .

Meter can measure import & export active energy , import & export reactive energy. The measurement type can be set. 



Display function

 Smart meter have two status: cycle display status and button press display . When

pressing the button, User can set according their request. Button press will Backlight the LCD. Display cycle can be set within 5~20 seconds, The default is 5 seconds. 


Electricity parameters measurement and monitoring

Measure record and display voltage, current, power and power factors. error is not more than ±1%.

Provide out of limit monitoring capability,  Voltage, Current, Power factor can be setup the limit value and monitoring.


Communication Function

With an infrared COM and a RS485 COM. Its physical layers are independent with each other. One communication channel will not be affected by the other one. The meter can realize data acquisition, broadcast time setting, read, program and manage through hand-held terminals, data acquisition terminal, test equipments and computers. Communication protocols fit Modbus RTU standard.

RS485 communications transfer rates allow selected at 1200bps, 2400bps, 4800 bps and 9600bps, default is 9600bps.

Using communication function , the smart meter can connection to the Fineco Cloud.The reading can be viewed through the web browse at any time.



Alarm function

When the meter connect wire wrong example: current reverse, lost phase and reversed phase sequence , the meter will display , the ALARM led will be on.


Pulse output function

Smart meter is equipped with a pulse output which is fully separated from the inside circuit. That generates pulses in proportion to the measured energy .include the testing pulse output of active energy and reactive energy. 8/ 11 Test pulse output contact (P+/P-), 9/ 11 Test pulse output contact (Q+/Q-) 



The meter can be programmed by pressing button on the panel such as Modbus ID, password,Baudrate and CT ratio etc..
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Operational voltage (70-130)%Un
- Iref 10A
-Itr 1A
-Imax 100A
-Imin 0.5A
-Ist 40mA
Power consumption of current circuits(VA) < 0.01
Power consumption of voltage circuits(W) < 1.3W
General data  
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Memory back-up EEprom
Environment resistance to heat and fire Terminal 960
Cover 650
upper ABS+PC
lower ABS+PC
Pulse output
Pulse width(ms) 80
Pulse constant(imp/kWh) 400
LED constant 400
Width (mm) 126
Height (mm) 104.5
Depth (mm) 60

wiring diagram

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