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EM427 1P3W ~100A~Modbus~4 Tariff

Single phase three wire multi-rate meters
Single phase digital energy meter
din rail mounted modbus energy meter
TOU meter
Demand meter
  • EM427 10(100)A
  • Fineco
  • EM427 10(100)A

       EM427 120/240V 10(100)A  single phase three wire digital  smart electricity meter
                                                     2S kWh meter



Main Functions and features:


Measuring Function

  Meter can measure import active energy , export active energy , Bi-directional reactive measuring .With time-division measurement function, user can store or calculate active and reactive energy according to the time interval of4 tariffs ( Sharp, peak, Even, valley).

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Demand function

  Measuring the date and time of bi-direction and different time maximum demand, also store the data of time scales.Max demand can be set by slip Frequency, demand interval and slip Frequency time can be setup .

TOU function

The internal clock circuit of energy meter has time automatic switching function.

Calendar, clock and rate can be set and adjustment through RS485, infrared interface.

At least 4 tariffs and 12 time interval can be set within a natural day, min time interval is 15 minutes. Time
It can store 12 account months of two directions, total active energy data and bi-directional reactive energy data. Data restore time is at 0’clock the end of a month or any day of a month from 1~28 on hour.

It can store 12 account months of two way Max demand and date, time

Electricity parameters measurement

  Measure record and display voltage, current, active power, reactive power, apparent Power and power factors. error is not more than ±1%.



Summer/winter time switch permit/prohibition
  Smart meter provide automatic summer/winter time switch accomplished at 02.00 on the last Sunday of March(forward 1 hours) and at 03:00 on the last Sunday of October(back 1 Hours).
Summer/winter time switch can permit or prohibition by RS485 or IR port.

Communication Function
  With an infrared COM and a RS485 COM. Its physical layers are independent with each other. One communication channel will not be affected by the other one.Communication protocols fit Modbus RTU standard.RS485 circuit and energy meter internal circuit can realize electricalisolation and failure protection of circuit.
RS485 communications transfer rates allow selected at 1200bps, 2400bps, 4800 bps and 9600bps, default is 9600bps.

  Using communication function , the smart meter can connection to the Fineco Cloud.The reading can be viewed through the web browse at any time.


Pulse output function
  Smart meter is equipped with a pulse output which is fully separated from the inside circuit. That generates pulses in proportion to the measured energy .include the testing pulse output of active energy and reactive energy. 14/ 15 Test pulse output contact (P+/P-),13/ 15 Test pulse output contact (Q+/Q-)

Alarm function
  When the meter connect wire wrong example: when current connection is reverse the ALARM led will be on.

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Wiring diagrams:

 3 Wire  meter with RS485: 

                                  EM427 connect wire diagram1
1/2         L1 in & out
3/4         L2 in & out
5/6 /7     RS485 communication contact(5 TX/RX(-), 6 TX/RX(+), 7 SGND)  
9/10      Active test pulse output contact(10,9+)
8/10      Reactive test pulse output contact(10,8)

 wire meter with RS485 :

                                    EM427 connect wire diagram2
1/2         L in & out
5/6 /7     RS485 communication contact(5 TX/RX(-), 6 TX/RX(+), 7 SGND)  
9/10      Active test pulse output contact(10,9+)
8/10      Reactive test pulse output contact(10,8)

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