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EM4370 5(65)A three phase ~ 65A ~Modbus ~ import export for PV solar

Three phase metering 4 DIN modules
Import export meter for solar pv
Dual source energy meter used for utility and Generator
Distribution boards and small enclosures
  • EM4370

  • Fineco

  • EM4370



      Import&export  smart energy meter for PV solar 

   As a bi-directional energy meter, our Energy Meter is very ideal for use in a solar PV system. By bi-directional function, it is able to measure the energy "to grid" or "from grid" . The meter can upload the measurement (Voltage, Current, Active Power, Active Energy, Frequency...) to the cloud. So you can easily monitor the below KPIs of a solar PV system online:

 ★  energy generated by solar inverter

  to-grid energy (energy exported to grid)

   from-grid energy (energy imported from grid)

  direct self-use energy



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