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EM733 three phase~100A

Three phase four wire meters
Standard DIN rail Format (DIN43880)
7 DIN modules 35mm rail mount
Complies with EN50470 and EN62053-21
Accuracy class B/1
Protection class II
Direct measurement up to 100A
Energy consumption LED, reverse current LED
6 digits electromechanical counter
Pulse output for remote energy management
S0 interface
CE approval
  • Fineco
  • EM733

   EM733 10(100)A 3 phase 4 wire kwh meter  din rail mounted energy meter with S0                                         

Main Functions and features:


Measuring function:

  On the EM733’S front panel, there are five LED, respectively, for the Active energy pulse light, current reverse ,Phase L1/L2/L3 . The constant of the impulse is shown on the nameplate of the meter.The energy meter is equipped with 6 digits electromechanical counter, which is used as recording consumption and can’t be reset to zero.

The  reverse LED will flicker when Current wiring is reversed in order to remind users torevise the wiring. The meter will work normally under this condition


Pulse output

    EM7333 din rail energy meter is equipped with a pulse output which is fully separated from the inside circuit.

The test pulse output is a polarity dependant, passive transistor output requiring an external voltage source for correct operation. For this external voltage source, the voltage (Ui) should be 5-27V DC, and the maximum input current (Imax) should be 27mA DC. To connect the impulse output, connect 5-27V DC to connector 23 (anode), and the signal wire (S) to connector 24 (cathode). The meter pulses is indicated on the front panel.






Direct connected meter
                      1/2               L1 in & out
                      3/4               L2 in & out
                      5/6               L3 in & out
                       7                 Neutral
                       23 &24       Test pulse output contact(24,23+)

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