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EM718 single phase~80A~Modbus~4Tariff

single phase meter
din rail mounted energy meter
modbus energy meter
remote for electric meter

                         EM718 10(80)A single phase din rail mounted energy meter
                               modbus energy meter remote for electric meter


Main Functions and features:


Demand function

The meter can calculate the forward and reverse active/reactive demand and the demand occurrence time.

Max demand value can be zero clearing by meter reader.
Max demand can be set by sliding windows time, demand interval. Factory default:

demand interval is 15mins, sliding windows time is 5min. It can store Max demand data of latest 12 months..


Data store function

The meter can store total active energy, forward/reverse active total energy and time-sharing energy. Also include the reactive

forward/reverse total energy and time-sharing energy, four-quadrant reactive total energy and time-sharing energy.
Data restore time is at 0’clock the end of a month or any day of a month from 1~28 on hour.

The meter can store current and previous 12months data.
When energy meter has no power, all settlement –related data should be save less than 10 years, other data preserve less than 3 years.


TOU function

The internal clock circuit of energy meter has time automatic switching function. Calendar, clock and rate can be set and adjustment through RS485, infrared interface. At least 4 tariffs and 12 time interval can be set within a natural day, min time interval is 15 minutes. Time interval can be set over Zero o’clock.


Electricity parameters measurement and monitoring

The meter can measure: voltage, current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor and frequency of each phase. Also can display the direction of the current and power. The resolution of frequency is 0.01Hz. the accuracy of Voltage,current,activepower,reactive power and apparent power is 1%. 


Switching off display
When the power is off, user can read the meter by pressing button on the panel.


Remote disconnect/Reconnect  Load control

The meter has an internal relay output interface to control the Load. The meter can set up the power limit and the delay time of switch off and on when the power is over the limit.

The meter will be disconnect/reconnect by receive the Command from the system remotely.


Summer/winter time switch permit/prohibition
Smart meter provide automatic summer/winter time switch accomplished at 02.00 on the last Sunday of March(forward 1 hours) and at 03:00 on the last Sunday of October(back 1 Hours).Summer/winter time switch can permit or prohibition by RS485 or IR port.


Communication Function

With an infrared COM and a RS485 COM. Its physical layers are independent with each other. One communication channel will not be affected by the other one.The meter can realize data acquisition, broadcast time setting, read, program and manage through hand-held terminals, data acquisition terminal, test equipments and computers. 

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wiring diagram

           1/2                     L1 in &Out
        3/4                    Neutral in &Out
        12/13/14          RS485 Communication contact
                                TX/RX(-) ,   Terminal13
                                TX/RX(+)    Terminal 12  
                                G485  Terminal14
       8/9                    Active test pulse output contact(9-,8+)
       10/11       Clock test pulse output contact(10+,11-)
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